The Incorrigible Party Podcast

Welcome Incorrigibles!

Sessions 72 through 73 feature our special NPC guest Emma of the Pointless Parrot Podcast.

If you are new to the show and short on time, check out our two part Chapter 1 recap where we quickly catch you up, so you can jump into Chapter 2 without missing a beat.

We are updating the website to include some great new content!

City Maps:
Take a stroll around Aspara and see the cities the characters have visited. From Altenshic to Zexah we will map out the world as it grows. (More cites will be added soon.)

Keep track of all the NPC’s we encounter and mourn the ones who are no longer with us. Find out a little more about our awesome NPC Guests.

Be the cool kid at your next game night when sporting an Incorrigible Club shirt or any other Incorrigible gear.

Many thank to those that helped make this podcast possible!
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