Show Notes

The Tribes of the Vorgorag Mountains
Rokshods: The strongest and largest tribe of the mountain range, slowly conquering neighbouring tribes over the past 75 years
Tuuk Tuks: They were the smallest of the six tribes, and one of the first ones to be conquered
Vishlunk: They had a tentative alliance with the Tuuk Tuks, which was broken after a Tuuk Tuk assassination attempt on the Vishlunk war chief. This left the Rokshods clear to target the Ablacks as they were pre-occupied with their enflamed war with each other.
Ablacks: The Ablacks held out against the Rokshod force for nearly 20 years, their numbers being slowly, and brutally diminished until they were overrun by the increased numbers of the Rokshods following the Tuuk Tuk’s defeat.
Gorloc: A decade ago, the last members of the Gorloc tribe were either killed, or enlisted in the Rokshod’s slow march to dominate the Vorgorag Mountains.
okshad: The last hold out fighting against the Rokshod tribe. The ferocity of their leader, Klash, Bone Collector, has allowed them to gain some ground on the Rokshods in the past five years. But they now face the combined might of five assembled tribes, time not being on their side.

The Paladins of Koltice
Founded by Samuel Koltice(human) forty years ago, the Paladins of Koltice are a group of fanatics that have a strong presence in southern Aspara, where their citadel is located. Very little is known about their motivations and ideals outside of the tight lipped members. Of course, rumours spread like wildfire and still circulate. Some say Koltice fancies himself a God amongst men, demanding fealty from his followers. Others say that he is simply an adept warlord filled with illusions of grandeur, amassing a powerful army for some unknown end game.
Regardless of their intent, they have seized a large swath of land around their citadel, enlisting the small farming villages to properly supply their growing numbers. They maintain a strict frontline of outposts and watch towers that vigilantly guard against entry of non-followers, whether they be friend or foe.
Paladins of Koltice are never seen in the northern regions of Aspara. They very rarely leave their own established borders, leaving the rest of Aspara alone, showing no interest in the major populous. Historically, there have been two occasions to the contrary however:
Sorrowful Isles Landing: 35 years ago, the Paladins of Koltice set up outposts on these long uninhabited islands. Erecting tall towers that shone a deep blue, clearly visible from the mainland at the time. The lush green flora that once coated these islands has been replaced with a bleak and barren landscape of dead trees and turned soil.
Faelarran Forest Destruction: 18 years ago, the Paladins of Koltice first arrived on the mainland of Faelarran Forest. This time, however, they were met by opposition, as the inhabitants of the forest fought back. Having witnessed the vegetative genocide of the Sorrowful Isles, they feared the worst for their lands. And they were right to. Underestimated at first, the Faelarrans were victorious in driving off the invaders, but the Paladins returned twenty fold, slaughtering the initial opposition force and getting a foothold on the mainland where they finished construction of their first tower. From there they slowly pushed north over the years, their numbers too great and organized to be fully stopped. Anybody or anything that got in their way was destroyed. Until, almost 17 years to the day of their initial landing, they just stopped. The wave of destruction leaving almost half of the Faelarran Forest in the same state as the Isles; utterly devoid of life, peppered with the once glowing towers, and thousands of dead inhabitants. Now, after 18 years, there have been sightings of Paladin forces mobilizing outside of their frontline borders, along with reports of deep blue lights visible in the darkened night skies.

Important Aspara Locales
Drukhall: Very publicly known for its seedy underbelly, and easily the most dangerous city in all of Aspara. This is due to the fact that there isn’t a worldwide law force. Each city governs itself and maintains its own peace and civility. Drukhall simply chooses not to. Depending on which crime boss is running the particular district you’re in at the time, will dictate the level of security you may or may not be entitled to. It’s location at the base of the Vorgorag Mountains means there is a heavy Orc and Half-Orc populous in the city. It is not uncommon for members of the many tribes that live in Vorgorag range to have dealings with people in the city. Some come for the business and stay for the pleasures that a city like Drukhall can offer that life in the mountains cannot.
Heracleon: THE place of arcane knowledge in Aspara. Where Drukhall is regulated by violence and strength of body, intellect and curiosity are the rulers of Heracleon. Practicers of all schools of magic travel to the city to hone their craft, impart their knowledge on those seeking it, and to expose themselves to as many magical resources as possible. This island city is supplied by imports through Port Heracleon, which is also the only way to get onto and off of the island.
Zexah: Rumours have reached Heracleon of the development of “new magic” said to be originating from Zexah. This town is quite isolationist, untrusting of travellers. In fact, it is not uncommon for travellers to go missing while visiting Zexah.
Oppidum Silva: The point of contact for the Faelarran Forest inhabitants with the rest of Aspara, In order to leave Faelarran, you must go travel through this city. People in this city hate the Paladins of Koltice just as much as the inhabitants of the Faelarran Forest.
Vorgorag Mountains: Predominantly inhabited by tribes of orcs who are in constant border skirmishes with each other. For three orc generations, the oral history of the Tribal Wars has been passed down.