NPCs of Aspara

The People in our Neighborhood

We have met and will meet many significant characters during our journeys.
This is a brief description for them and their current status in the World of Aspara.
*WARNING: This will be updated after the relevant episode releases. So if you aren’t up-to-date you may find out some upsetting information.

The Arcanist – Do-gooder in Zexah that caught the attention of people in power. The Arcanist was the reason Shaft was sent to Zexah. Shaft employed Gozer as his muscle to help bring in the Arcanist. Bryn and Falzaren happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got roped into helping Shaft get his bounty.

Chucky – Hunch-backed bar boy at the Good Riddance Inn in Zexah. Oh yeah, also the Arcanist. Chucky was delivered to Detmer. RIP, we assume.

Isabella Goode – The Doctor of Zexah and owner of a massive bar tab. Learn from Isabella and never buy drinks for Shaft. MAAAaaaaaybe the mastermind behind the goings-on of the cave?

Jolalah – Barkeep – The Good Riddance Inn in Zexah – Probably wondering what happened to his barboy Chucky

Sardos – “Magical” crap peddler in Zexah. Well, he was anyway. He was also Bryn’s first major assignment. RIP SardoS

Detmer – Criminal mastermind in Drukhall that gives jobs to Shaft and Bryn. Shaft is his favorite (according to Shaft). Go to the Tickly Servant Inn and tell the dragonborn Frank “Cumquat”.

Jel – Barkeep – The Tickly Servant Inn – Has had dealings with Shaft and knows better than to believe anything he says. Shaft believes she likes him.

Hannah – Criminal Mastermind in Drukhall that employs the Darklings to do shady things for her. Peer of Detmer.

Hank Applebees – Enemy of Bryn. Killer of Bryn’s friend. Killer of Krug of Krag. Paladin of Kolstice searching for his amulet that went missing after Bryn and company made a visit to his tower. Surprisingly killed by Falzaran, but not until after Gozer beat him down. The man could really take a punch.

Joolvee – A famous Darkling Bard musician, Joolvee has many albums that are very popular in Aspara. He took on more than he could handle when he decided it would be a good idea to try to sell the IP to some orcs. RIP Joolvee, your musical genius will be missed.

Prince Charmington III – Backstabbing, no good, dead beat tabaxi that is no friend of Bryn’s! So she stabbed him. With no warning to Shaft. There seems to be a trend starting.

Blugk Blugk of the Ookshad Tribe – Backstabbing, no good, second-to-Klash orc. And no friend of Gozer. She axed him so no one would know her whereabouts.

Wolfgang – Now knows better than to go panning for gold in the mountains north of Viksher where he and his friend Vixner were chasing dreams and gold rumors when they were captured by a tribe of goblins. Both were able to walk away from the interaction. (Played by Patrick Hillier)

Thuft – beloved Goblin companion that originally was sent with a raiding party from the Mountain to capture the Party to bring back to the Mountain. After seeing Gozer kill the ogre he was with, and many of his other companions, he decided Gozer would now be his king and started following her.
*Deceased 🙁

Komigs the Furious – Current King of the Mountain. Thuft wants Gozer to defeat him and take over being the king. It’s good to be the king.

Roland Rite – A city guard of Viksher. He isn’t above exchanging a friendly backscratch, if you know what I mean. (Played by Pep MacDonald)

Nina Dari– Friend of Shaft
*Status unknown

Gold Grung – Leader of the frogman tribe that offered aid to our weary adventurers

Blake Lakely – Mayor of Goldum. He is a very important man, according to him. He has hired the Party, through his contact Detmer the Dwarf, to shut down the blue towers.

Mother Celeste – Cleric of Goldum who heals Gozer and Thuft, reluctantly.

Magic! Magic! Magic! owner – No one knows his name. Names have power, and so does he. His voice reminds me of someone though…

Percy the Previous Paladin who Protects against the Pestilence of Pride without Prejudice –Perhaps, with some Persistence, one can be Persuaded with Prosperity––enough said, I think––(played by JT-G Club Channel) and his travel companion Agnus Felter (played by Kristi Weyland) met the party in Port Randis and narrowly dodged becoming more involved with them.

Orlaine – A former Paladin of Kolstice. She helps the party out of a jam, and keeps them from killing a potential future ally. (Played by Adelaide Gardner)

Captain Grimby Chum – Captain of The Rising Starfish. He has employed members of the party and received aid from them as well. Dare we say he is a friend?

Brendal – Falzaren’s oldest and dearest friend. … Falzy sure knows how to pick ’em.

Ruegar Alebender – An member of the Alebender family, out of Drukall. He has a marvelous transforming beer wagon and is searching for his father, who had been searching for the Snow Bloom. A mythical flower that only grows on Mt. Necropolis in the Vorgorag Mountains. (Played by Stephen Buonocore)

Cambel – Owner of The Golden Ichor in Piscis and friend to Shikara

Erica – Sea hag, sister to Isabella, nemesis of Falzaren. The people of Piscis don’t care for her much.

Tolstoff – The Infinite Hero! He “defeated” the sea hag Erica, and “destroyed” the Infinite Storm! They are still singing his praises in Piscis.

StatDorf- Captian Grimby Chums Ettin Oar Master on the Rising Star 2. Last seen swimming toward Heracleon.
Appearing in Session 65 – Better Than One (Played by Marty Connell & Tony McRree from the Rolling dice and Taking Names Podcast)