MARCH MADNESS IS HERE! Extra episodes will be released each week till our One Year Anniversary on April 1st! To celebrate, we are bracketing some of our favorite NPC’s to Battle to the death for your pleasure. There can be only one!

UPDATE! 3/27/20

Brew master Rugar Alebender can not be stopped! Get a few drinks in him and he becomes more incoherent than a Scottish Orc. Poor Horic has finally met his match.

Chucky came into this fight pissed off and ready to kick some Bone Crusher ass! But as the leader of the Ookshad Tribe, Klash takes no shit from a magic armored hump back, and Chucky has now joined the list of fallen NPC’s

UPDATE! 3/25/20

Fan Favorite Barry the Badger shows Blake Lakely no matter how well groomed you are, you can still bleed!

Isabella can be Good, but she can also be very very bad as she give Brenal his comeuppance! Fu*king Brendal had it comin!

UPDATE! 3/23/20

Sardos has a deal Erica can’t refuse! A BOGO of hurt!

Roland is fully armed in this fight and makes sure Tolstoff has no tale to tell after this heroic battle!

UPDATE! 3/20/20

Stat’Dorf has Oared his last Oar! Klash the Bone collector did not shame his tribe and has proven that no heads are better than two!

Horic has flattened sweet Mother Celeste! She was not feisty enough to hold back our favorite unintelligible Orc friend.

UPDATE! 3/18/20

Hank Applebees has fallen to the Drukhall Demon! Ruegar Alebender is advancing to take on either Horic or Mother Celeste!

Fan favorite Grimby Chum was annihilated by the much underestimated Chucky! Stay tuned to see if Chucky has what it takes to Clash with Klash or see if Stat’Dorf can prove that two heads are better than hump.