Cities of Aspara (Maps)

World of Aspara

The world of Aspara is a a dangerous place. Take a tour with us as we muddle our way through a multitude of side quests. More locations will be added as the adventure continues…

Click on the name of the city below to explore the streets and prominent features up close.


Zexah is a small village located near the center of Aspara. It is self-governed by the local inhabitants that do their best to keep order. The Good Riddance Inn is a refuge frequented by weary travelers making their way between the cities of Viksher and Goldum.


Viksher is a large city which is currently quarantined due to an unknown disease that is afflicting many of those who live within the walls. Weapons are not allowed within the city, but for a small donation to one of the guards, you may be able to smuggle in a few items to protect yourself. A large clock tower is a recent addition to the city that may hold some answers to the city’s mysteries.


Heracleon is an island off the eastern coast of Aspara. It is a haven for the students of the Arcane. Traders and travelers enter through Port Heracleon, which sits at the southern tip of the island. The city gate is at the lowest point of the city. Visitors can see the city in its entirety before them, as each row and cluster of buildings sits higher than those in front of it. The city is divided into sections, largely by the School of Magic practiced within each, with unique architectural styles present in each city section.