Cities of Aspara (Maps)

World of Aspara

The world of Aspara is a a Dangerous place. Take a tour of the with us as we muddle our way through a multitude of side quest. More locations will be added as the adventure continues…

Click on the name of the city below to explore the streets up close.


Zexah is a small village located near the center of Aspara. It is self governed by the local inhabitants that do their best to keep order. The Good Riddance Inn is a refuge for the wherry traveler between the cities of Viksher and Goldum.


Viksher is a large city that is currently quarantined due to a unknown disease that is afflicting many of those who live withing the walls. Weapons are not allowed withing the city, but for a small donation to one of the guards, you may be able to smuggle in a few items to protect yourself. A Clock tower is a recent addition to the city that may hold some answers to the cities mysteries.