Cities of Aspara (Maps)

World of Aspara

The world of Aspara is a a dangerous place. Take a tour with us as we muddle our way through a multitude of side quests. More locations will be added as the adventure continues…


Zexah is a small village located near the center of Aspara. It is self-governed by the local inhabitants that do their best to keep order. The Good Riddance Inn is a refuge frequented by weary travelers making their way between the cities of Viksher and Goldum.

Join the party in Zexah by tuning into Sessions
1 – Goode Enough Party
2 – But I’m Losing On The Deal!
3 – Skillion Killion
4 – Chuckin’ Out Suspicions


Viksher is a large city which is currently quarantined due to an unknown disease that is afflicting many of those who live within the walls. Weapons are not allowed within the city, but for a small donation to one of the guards, you may be able to smuggle in a few items to protect yourself. A large clock tower is a recent addition to the city that may hold some answers to the city’s mysteries.

Join the party in Viksher by tuning into Sessions
21 – Pepisode I – The Phantom Illness
22 – Pepisode II – A Quack and the Crones

Port Randis

Port Randis is a moderately sizes town on the Eastern coast of the mainland of Aspara.

Landmarks include:
The Port itself, one of the largest ports in all of Aspara.
Dorset Salvage run by proprietor Henrietta Dorset.
Jed’s Shipwright Shop
The Asinine Leopard Inn, a respite for sailors and adventurers alike.

Join the party in Port Randis by tuning into Sessions
36 – Join the Club
37 – OId Friend
38 – New Ally


Piscis is a moderately sizes town on the Northeastern coast of the mainland of Aspara.

Landmarks include:
Jeb’s Shipwright shop.
Dorset Salvage run by proprietor Henrietta Dorset.
The Jacked Eel Inn/Tavern: Known for its exquisite Shepards pie from Master Chef Boyartee.

Join the party in Piscis by tuning into Sessions
45 – The Edge of Power
52 – A Strong Ale And A Good Heart
54 – The Infinite Hero
55 – The Golden Ichor
61 – Attack On Piscis
62 – Final Sett
63 – Friend of Mein
64 – The Finite Hero


Heracleon is an island off the Eastern coast of Aspara. It is a haven for the students of the Arcane. Traders and travelers enter through Port Heracleon, which sits at the southern tip of the island. The city gate is at the lowest point of the city. Visitors can see the city in its entirety before them, as each row and cluster of buildings sits higher than those in front of it. The city is divided into sections, largely by the School of Magic practiced within each, with unique architectural styles present in each city section. 

Session numberNameRelease Date
69He Knows A LotMarch 5th 2020
70Texts and TatsMarch 9th 2020
71Humble AbodeMarch 12th 2020
72Three Seven SevenMarch 18th 2020
73Birds of A FeatherMarch 20th 2020
74Truth Through Her EyesMarch 23rd 2020
75Party Time, ExcellentMarch 27th 2020
76Kraken QuorumMarch 30th 2020
77Asking For A FriendApril 3rd 2020
78DeadlineApril 9th 2020
79Partial TruthsApril 13th 2020
80The MotherloadApril 16th 2020
81Dog Days Are OverApril 23rd 2020
82Revelations And ReparationsApril 27th 2020
83You’re Gonna Need A Bigger TatApril 30th 2020
84Bitey, Blinky, Winky And Paul-Zaren Have An AdventureMay 7th 2020
85Are We Checking On Chum?May 11th 2020
86Road Less TraveledMay 14th 2020
87The Assailing StormMay 21st 2020
88Four Is Better Than OneMay 25th 2020
89Heracleonian HeroesMay 28th 2020
90A Half-Assed PlanJune 4th 2020
91Forking PathsJune 8th 2020
92The LairJune 11th 2020
93Kraken DregsJune 18th 2020
94Sympathy For The BeastJune 22nd 2020
95You’re My, Brown Eyed PapioJune 29th 2020
96Thunderbolt And LightningJuly 2nd 2020
97Very Very FrighteningJuly 6th 2020
98The Revenant’s RevengeJuly 30th 2020
99InterventionAugust 3rd 2020
100Get Your Visions CheckedAugust 6th 2020
101EscalationAugust 13th 2020
102ResolutionAugust 17th 2020
103The Edge of ImbecilityAugust 20th 2020
104The Last ElderAugust 27th 2020
105The Lesser EvilAugust 31st 2020
106The Scouting PartySept 3rd 2020