Cities of Aspara (Maps)

World of Aspara

The world of Aspara is a a dangerous place. Take a tour with us as we muddle our way through a multitude of side quests. More locations will be added as the adventure continues…


Zexah is a small village located near the center of Aspara. It is self-governed by the local inhabitants that do their best to keep order. The Good Riddance Inn is a refuge frequented by weary travelers making their way between the cities of Viksher and Goldum.

Session numberNameRelease Date
1Goode Enough PartyApril 1 2019
2But I’m Losing On The Deal!April 4 2019
3Skillion KillionApril 8 2019
4Chuckin’ Out SuspicionsApril 15 2019


Drukhall is the largest city in Aspara. It houses the most prestigious Nobles to the most vile of thieves. The city is split into Northern and Southern districts, separating the upper classes from the common folk. The underbelly of the City is run by mob bosses, guilds and various factions. It is a city of great splendor or dark squallier. Just be careful not to stray down the wrong alleyway.

Session numberNameRelease Date
9Magic! Magic! Magic!April 29 2019
10Every Little Snarl She Does Gets MagicMay 3 2019
11‘Ello PoppetMay 6 2019
12All For One, And One(s) For AllMay 8 2019
13Dark Side of the TuneMay 13 2019
14Barn JamsMay 16 2019
15Blinded By The LightMay 20 2019


Viksher is a large city which is currently quarantined due to an unknown disease that is afflicting many of those who live within the walls. Weapons are not allowed within the city, but for a small donation to one of the guards, you may be able to smuggle in a few items to protect yourself. A large clock tower is a recent addition to the city that may hold some answers to the city’s mysteries.

Session numberNameRelease Date
21Pepisode I – The Phantom IllnessJune 17 2019
22Pepisode II – A Quack and the CronesJune 20 2019


Goldum is a city under siege from the beast being forced from the forests in the south. The city is surrounded by the crumbling walls and desolation from the onslaught. Mayor Blake Lakely is doing his best to hold the city together as Mother Celeste heals those who are injured keeping the city from being overrun.

Session numberNameRelease Date
26Scry WolfJuly 8 2019
27IncorrigiBullJuly 15 2019
28I Bet You Think This Cast Is About YouJuly 18 2019
123The Magic’s Still ThereMarch 22 2021

Port Randis

Port Randis is a moderately sizes town on the Eastern coast of the mainland of Aspara.

Landmarks include:
The Port itself, one of the largest ports in all of Aspara.
Dorset Salvage run by proprietor Henrietta Dorset.
Jed’s Shipwright Shop
The Asinine Leopard Inn, a respite for sailors and adventurers alike.

Session numberNameRelease Date
36Join the ClubAugust 26 2019
37Old FriendAugust 29 2019
38New AllySeptember 2 2019


Piscis is a moderately sizes town on the Northeastern coast of the mainland of Aspara.

Landmarks include:
Jeb’s Shipwright shop.
Dorset Salvage run by proprietor Henrietta Dorset.
The Jacked Eel Inn/Tavern: Known for its exquisite Shepards pie from Master Chef Boyartee.

Session numberNameRelease Date
45The Edge of PowerOctober 7 2019
52A Strong Ale And A Good HeartNovember 7 2019
54The Infinite HeroNovember 18 2019
55The Golden IchorNovember 21 2019
61Attack On PiscisJanuary 27 2020
62Final SettJanuary 30 2020
63Friend of MeinFebruary 6 2020
64The Finite HeroFebruary 10 2020
128Above His StationMay 10 2021


Heracleon is an island off the Eastern coast of Aspara. It is a haven for the students of the Arcane. Traders and travelers enter through Port Heracleon, which sits at the southern tip of the island. The city gate is at the lowest point of the city. Visitors can see the city in its entirety before them, as each row and cluster of buildings sits higher than those in front of it. The city is divided into sections, largely by the School of Magic practiced within each, with unique architectural styles present in each city section. 

Session numberNameRelease Date
69He Knows A LotMarch 5 2020
70Texts and TatsMarch 9 2020
71Humble AbodeMarch 12 2020
72Three Seven SevenMarch 18 2020
73Birds of A FeatherMarch 20 2020
74Truth Through Her EyesMarch 23 2020
75Party Time, ExcellentMarch 27 2020
76Kraken QuorumMarch 30 2020
77Asking For A FriendApril 3 2020
78DeadlineApril 9 2020
79Partial TruthsApril 13 2020
80The MotherloadApril 16 2020
81Dog Days Are OverApril 23 2020
82Revelations And ReparationsApril 27 2020
83You’re Gonna Need A Bigger TatApril 30 2020
84Bitey, Blinky, Winky And Paul-Zaren Have An AdventureMay 7 2020
85Are We Checking On Chum?May 11 2020
86Road Less TraveledMay 14 2020
87The Assailing StormMay 21 2020
88Four Is Better Than OneMay 25 2020
89Heracleonian HeroesMay 28 2020
90A Half-Assed PlanJune 4 2020
91Forking PathsJune 8 2020
92The LairJune 11 2020
93Kraken DregsJune 18 2020
94Sympathy For The BeastJune 22 2020
95You’re My, Brown Eyed PapioJune 29 2020
96Thunderbolt And LightningJuly 2 2020
97Very Very FrighteningJuly 6 2020
98The Revenant’s RevengeJuly 30 2020
99InterventionAugust 3 2020
100Get Your Visions CheckedAugust 6 2020
101EscalationAugust 13 2020
102ResolutionAugust 17 2020
103The Edge of ImbecilityAugust 20 2020
104The Last ElderAugust 27 2020
105The Lesser EvilAugust 31 2020
106The Scouting PartySept 3 2020
107The Long RestSept 14 2020
108Release The Kraken – Part ISept 21 2020
109Release The Kraken – Part IISept 28 2020
110Much Ado About IzzyOctober 12 2020
111SistersOctober 19 2020
112Chapter III BeginsNovember 30 2020
113Critically RollingDecember 7 2020
114BoundDecember 14 2020
115A PropositionJanuary 18 2021
116RestorationsJanuary 25 2021
117BurgleFebruary 1 2021
118Sincerest Form of FlatteryFebruary 15 2021
119The Doppleganger EffectFebruary 22 2021
120The Same PageMarch 1 2021
121Stay Goldum PalaboyMarch 8 2021
122The Zelwick Koltice ConnectionMarch 15 2021
124The MeetingApril 5 2021
125The AlbatrossApril 12 2021
126Coming CleanApril 19 2021
127Flirting 101May 3 2021