Board Game Love

Robinson Crusoe
But Not alone.
Dark horizon.
Winded moan.

Remains of bread
Across the beach.
A journey home
Out of reach.

Despair does churn.
Thoughts turn dark.
Debris and ruins.
Not but stark.


Build a fire,
Build a signal.
We are alive!
Set a vigil.

Beasts roaming,
Fight we must.
Weather turning,
Winds do gust.

Cold and hungry.
Lost and doomed.
Hope is fading.
Despair has bloomed.

A new day dawns.
A sight offshore.
Stoke the fire—
Burn all, more!
The light shines through
Creating impressions–
Beauty on the floor.

The heavens open
And show their glory–
Their wonder, evermore

Clouds float by 
Changing shades,
Changing flow.

The sun will strengthen.
Bring back brilliance.
Imperfections will show.

Radiant designs.
Flowing colors.
We all strive for best.

Shimmering patterns.
Forming rainbows.
Gemstones in a chest.

The time is now,
Creations completed.
Beauty on show.

How to judge
What the heart created?
Winner, we will know.
Survive: Escape from Atlantis
The waters are rising
Beginning to flow.
Over dry sands
The wind does blow.

The eternal land
Found and plundered.
Escape we must
or be torn asunder.

The cold, blue ocean
Crawling ever higher.
Black tendrils of fear
Make us all a liar.

To the boats!
Our only salvation.
The treacherous waters
May be our damnation.

If we work together
We’ll stay alive.
Leave none behind,
We can Survive!


Fearing! -

Monsters, in the water!
Monsters, all around.
Red life flowing.
Some will drown.

Faster now, 
The island fails,
Torn white canvas,
Remnants of sails.

On the horizon,
Just out of reach,
A saving grace,
A welcoming beach.

Treachery among us,
Tempers flare.
Self concern first.
To the devil’s lair.