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The Incorrigible Party is about demystifying Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. We want to show how accessible and fun it is. The IP is made up of 2 people who have never played before, 2 people that have been playing for a few years, and 1 person that started playing with the original set, but took about a 20 year hiatus before jumping in again at the release of 5th edition. We are 5 friends trying to have a good time and spread the love of role playing.


Bryn the Rogue Wood Elf Druid
Mia Brightwood the Aasimar Cleric
Alana is excited to begin her first ever D&D campaign and experience all the feels RPGs have to offer. She’ll be playing Bryn, an offish wood elf who has a darkened past.
Alana is a proud American-Canadian, devoted dog mom to Frankie and Fitz, and has a pixar ready voice apt for podcasting. If you think Alana’s funny, you’ll get along just fine.
You can occasionally find Alana on twitter @mcslicken, follow the CUTEST dogs in the world @frankie_and_fitz on IG, or to see more of the girl behind the Rogue @ayejayeo on IG.

Bill Profile

Falzaren the Half-elf Wizard Warlock
Bill is completely new to D&D. He has a love for fantasy—reading many fantasy novels growing up. Wizards, magic, and dragons have always fascinated him. Despite well intentioned advice to pick an easier class than a wizard, Bill couldn’t resist the urge. He’s not likely to admit that he is having trouble keeping track of all of his spells.
When not playing D&D, Bill can be found on Instagram @bladio22, or on Twitter @fitzieSimmons, where he mostly talks about board games and his two dogs–

Jon Profile

Shaft the Halfing Ranger
Jon played AD&D from 1982 through around 1988, then took a hiatus from role playing games till D&D 5th edition was released in 2014. He is an avid board gamer, a DM and player in the Good Enough Adventure Party, and self proclaimed professional tabletop content consumer. 
Shaft is a manipulative, underhanded, and promiscuous little fella. He lives by an ever-changing code of ethics which makes him a bit unpredictable. He tries to be suave and confident around the ladies because it pays off most of the time.
Jon can be found on twitter @GoodEnoughParty His bank account number is 92543274 at the First National Bank of Aspara if you would like to make a deposit. No withdraws please.

Emily Profile

Gozer the Half-orc Barbarian
Shikara the Dragonborn Paladin
Emily started playing D&D in 2014 with 5e. She has played several different races and classes (mostly cleric) but this is the first time as a barbarian. When Gozer goes into combat in a rage her battle cry is TO BLAVE! Emily chose this not only because The Princess Bride is her all time favoritest movie, but also because it’s funny. To blave, as we all know, means to bluff. Gozer screaming and rushing into combat is a scare tactic, one that is almost never backed up by the dice rolls….
Emily can be found on twitter @emilyd333 where she talks incessantly about tabletop games, on instagram @artofemilyrose where she posts pictures of her latest creations, on Redbubble and Etsy. She is also the owner of Critical Hit Design – the Incorrigible Party’s most generous sponsor. 🙂
Emily has recently started writing poetry about her favorite board games. Check it out here!

Leland Profile

The Leland Steel
– Loving DM
Leland has been playing D&D since fourth edition and has always much preferred running the campaigns as opposed to being a player in one. This allows him to flex a few more of his bulging creative muscles than what comes with character creation. He apologizes in advance for the terrible non-player character voices that all sound very, very similar. Leland can be found on twitter @Leland_Steel, and is a host of The T-Hud Popcast. More information on that can be found at ttpopcast.com.

Many thank to those that helped make this podcast possible!
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