The Tribes of the Vorgorag Mountains

Rokshods: The strongest and largest tribe of the mountain range, slowly conquering neighbouring tribes over the past 75 years

Tuuk Tuks: They were the smallest of the six tribes, and one of the first ones to be conquered

Vishlunk: They had a tentative alliance with the Tuuk Tuks, which was broken after a Tuuk Tuk assassination attempt on the Vishlunk war chief. This left the Rokshods clear to target the Ablacks as they were pre-occupied with their enflamed war with each other.

Ablacks: The Ablacks held out against the Rokshod force for nearly 20 years, their numbers being slowly, and brutally diminished until they were overrun by the increased numbers of the Rokshods following the Tuuk Tuk’s defeat.

Gorloc: A decade ago, the last members of the Gorloc tribe were either killed, or enlisted in the Rokshod’s slow march to dominate the Vorgorag Mountains.

Ookshad: The last hold out fighting against the Rokshod tribe. The ferocity of their leader, Klash, Bone Collector, has allowed them to gain some ground on the Rokshods in the past five years. But they now face the combined might of five assembled tribes, time not being on their side.

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